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Wilson Jone
The ideal destination for luxury travellers: Brown's Hotel and its sandwiches, a pure delight

Brown HotelMinutes from the fashion houses of Bond Street, in one of the world’s leading art districts Mayfair, and within walking distance of five royal parks, Brown’s Hotel is at the center of London's finest experiences.

Sacramento, California: Overlooked tourist attraction

SacramentoSacramento, California's capital city, is sometimes overlooked by tourists but for no reason: called the "Camellia capital of the world" "City of Trees" and the "River City", the city has a lot to offer, from historic attractions to great food and great nature around it.

Windhoek, a city with many names and even more ways to have fun

WindhoekSouth West Africa, now known as Namibia, is a vast country along the south Atlantic coast of Africa. It's capital is Windhoek, a city with excellent hotels, food to eat, good shopping experience and extraordinarily diverse culture.

Tabriz, a city shaped by history and nature

TabrizMountainous, green and big, Tabriz is a relaxed city in Iran, filled with friendly people and a UNESCO-listed bazaar. It’s the perfect introduction to Iran for everyone. Welcome to Tabriz!

Sintra: When you step into a fairytale

SintraThere are towns described as "It's a fairytale!" but you'd have hard time finding something like Sintra, a city in Portugal that fits that description as closely as it gets. A gorgeous romantic feel at every corner makes it a perfect wedding destination.

One day in Cambridge, UK: Kind city that dances for David Attenborough

Cambridge UKJust an hour north by train from London, a city on the River Cam is home to the prestigious University of Cambridge. Here you can see more in a day than you'd imagine: from the spirit of students, a wonderful choice of shops and great food to all-night dance parties that honor scientists.

Sydney, a loud place where bodies are shinier and chefs more adventurous

SydneySydney is one of the most incredible cities in Australia. It is listed as one of the world's best gay-friendly cities, it is a melting pot where everyone is welcome from every corner of the world.

Osaka, a city where things have always moved a bit faster

OsakaOsaka, a large Japanese port center on the island of Honshu, is a relatively young city but it produces some 16% of Japan's GDP. To put that into perspective, many countries have smaller economies that this city alone. From high-end fashion to 'eat oneself bankrup', Osaka is a fantastic place to enjoy your holidays.

Lincoln, a fragrant rose of Lincolnshire county

LincolnSome says the city on the River Witham is stuck in time. And in a way it is, indeed. Lincoln mixes an old spirit and new habits and it's mixing them in an unique way you won't see in many other places. By 1150, Lincoln was among the wealthiest towns in England.

Toronto, the city you will feel at home away from home

TorontoToronto, Canada's biggest city is not just a city of rush of the metropolis. Its bustling street life, dynamic food choices, numerous attractions above and under the ground, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World just an hour and a half drive away, will fill you with energy to explore it inside out.

Pocket of Russia, the amazing city of Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny NovgorodSituated deeply in the Soviet territory, Nizhny Novgorod is the main center of Russian river tourism, one of the cities included on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the famous Russian center of IT industry, and soon host of the 2018 World Football Championship.

Small Pucón for big Chilean adventure

PucónPucón is small Chilean city if you judge it by statistics, but if you ask tourists it is one of the top destinations in the world thanks to its great position.

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