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Shephard Girion general manager for Aitech Defense

Staff writer | Chatsworth, Ca., USA | August 15, 2009
Shephard GirionAugust 15, 2009, Chatsworth, Ca., USA - Aitech Defense Systems, a manufacturer of open architecture electronic systems for aerospace applications, has announced that Shephard Girion has been named general manager.
Mr. Girion holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and an MBA from California State University. Mr. Girion had joined the company as vice president of programs in 2005. In his previous position, he oversaw the company's program management process to ensure the successful cost, scheduling, and technical performance of Aitech's customers' programs. Mr. Girion's extensive industry experience includes serving as director of program management for Curtiss-Wright Controls where he managed development and manufacturing programs totaling $30 million. Previously, he was program manager at Orbital Sciences Corporation, where he led the transition of the full-scale engineering development of the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Mass Spectrometer.

Through a contract with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Mr. Girion served as program manager of the $8 million Chemical and Biological Mass Spectrometer (CBMS) Block II program for the US Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM). While working with SBCCOM, he helped to develop new target platforms for the CBMS Block II. He also worked as program manager of the $40 million multiple agent Chemical and Biological Detection System for the US Army Chemical Biological Defense Command (CBDCOM). Other high visibility programs in which Mr. Girion has played crucial management roles include the Advanced Integrated Chemical Protection System for the US Army CBDCOM; the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle NBC Filtration System for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Defense Systems; and the Turret System Electronics Unit, Autoloader Controller, and Replinisher Controller for the Mobile Gun System Variant of US Army Stryker IAV (interim armored vehicle).