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Easy steps to cut costs - and destroy your company
Cost cuttingAugust 3, 2015 ET
When the situation is not so bright in and around your company, one thing your board expects you to do is some cost-cutting philosophy. And that\'s OK, that\'s natural thing for a CEO to do when in trouble. However, it is easy to cut in wrong places and knock your company down just like that.
What a new leader has to learn
Learning never stopsJuly 27, 2015 ET
As a new leader, one of the things you'll notice first is that you have so much to learn, no matter your professional background. The faster you learn, the better, but here are a few tips you can learn right now.
Traps any CEO can easily fall in
TrapsJuly 20, 2015 ET
No matter how experienced leader you are, there are always traps awaiting around the corner waiting for you to fall in. Fortunately, we can point to the most common ones and make your life a bit easier.
Avoid performance reviews that ruin productivity and trust
Performance reviewsJuly 13, 2015 ET
Is it important to have performance reviews regularly? Yes, it is. Can they be done in a meaningful, non-stressful way? Yes, they can. So, why are there so many dubious advice out there?
How to make a decision? A good one, if possible
DecisionJuly 6, 2015 ET
If you are starting as a young leader, one question that most probably came to your mind is how to be sure you made a good decision. And how older managers can be so sure about theirs?
Transfer your message to others
CommunicatingJune 29, 2015 ET
When communicating your ideas to other, there are simple rules to follow to make everyone's life easier and your message right to the point.
Overcome quiet nature and passive approach
MeetingJune 22, 2015 ET
There are some excellent people out there, brilliant in their field, but they are too afraid to share their opinion and they stay in the shadow of other. It doesn't have to be that way.
What to do when somebody makes a mistake
MistakeJune 15, 2015 ET
One of the questions every leader will ask at some point in time is what to do when somebody makes a mistake. To punish? To forgive? Maybe a combination of both? The answer is very simple, stick with us.
I'm stuck here. Why?
Stuck in jobJune 8, 2015 ET
There may come a time when you feel you're stuck at your current job. Fortunately, you are not going down, but you not going up the corporate ladder either. What's going on?
Traps that just wait for newly named managers
New managersJune 1, 2015 ET
When you join manager rank the whole new world opens for you. But, as it the case of all new and unknown places, there are traps all around you. Here are the most common and how to avoid them.
Reasons why people are leaving you
EmployeesMay 25, 2015 ET
Most employees want to do more, achieve more and went up, whether it's a new position with a higher salary or just a new and more rewarding project. Day to day work, if it is the same all day long, is not rewarding and leads to apathy in employees.
Why are you pushing me and not him?
Extra mileMay 18, 2015 ET
In a highly competitive markets, and, indeed, most of them are these days, one of the questions a leader in any company may hear is "Why are you pushing me so hard?"
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