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How to be 'The one for the top'
For the topOctober 19, 2015 ET
Become a specialist. Of course, you must be a specialist to do your job well, but you should go a step further and work your way toward subspecialty, just like the doctors do. Find an area in which you are good - or you like more than others field of work - and bring it to perfection.
Don't even dream about fast success
Fast successOctober 12, 2015 ET
Every entrepreneur starting a new business hopes the success will come very fast, hopefully overnight, but that's not the case. Although there's no single rule that help you succeed, some idea might help you go through turbulent and nervous times of starting period.
Fast job, well done. Is there such a thing?
Fast job, well doneOctober 5, 2015 ET
In today's ultra-competitive world, the pressure on employees is rising almost daily. Everything should be faster and better, day after day. But, is it possible?
How many mistakes you should tolerate
People managementSeptember 28, 2015 ET
Sooner or later, somebody in your company will make a mistake. This is part of life because we all make mistake, but how much should you tolerate? Should you fire at first or play Gandhi? As is the case with many other situations, the problem is hard but the good solution is simple.
The more winnings in a row, the harder the fall will be
Failure and lessonsSeptember 21, 2015 ET
Isn't it great to have spectacular products, one after another? To be unable to remember when you failed last time. If that's your situation, you better be prepared for a very hard fall. Because it will come.
Raise your standards day by day
Setting standardsSeptember 14, 2015 ET
There\'s no doubt that every good company has some standards in place. From production to marketing to strategy, without standards there\'s no improvement. But how to use those standards to transition from good to great?
Should you employ your family member? Absolutely. But, how?
Employing family memberSeptember 7, 2015 ET
If you own a company or are in a high position and have a chance to employ your family member, should you do it? Many will say "no," but things are more complicated than that. We will show you how to make them simple and good for both the family and the company.
Cross-department collaboration
Department collaborationAugust 31, 2015 ET
Every company has different departments and every department is equally important on the way to success. So, why then those department tend to be in conflict instead of collaborating happily together?
Prevent grains of sand to become mountains
Real life issuesAugust 24, 2015 ET
In this Leadership we'll give you a few advice hot to solve two real life issues in your company to make your life easier, your employees happier and your company more productive. These issues may look like a mountain but believe us they are grains of sand.
Almighty CEO
Leadership stylesAugust 17, 2015 ET
If you are new among CEOs, this article is for you: It will teach you how not to behave as a leader. If you are experienced, read it too, we hope you won't find yourself in these leadership styles.
Debunking myths of success on the internet
Success on the internetAugust 15, 2015 ET
If you want to use the power of the internet to become successful, there are tons of advice out there, from blogs and websites to social networking statuses. They all sound great but there is a problem: 90% of them fall into "completely useless" category. We'll explain why.
CEO, choose your inner circle carefully
CEO inner teamAugust 10, 2015 ET
If you are starting your own company or creating a new team that will report to you, the CEO of a company, the question is how to choose right people for the right job and that's not entirely a question for your human resource department.
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