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The most important 'no' in your career
Strategic decisionsJune 13, 2016 ET
Knowing when to say "no" is as important as knowing when to say "yes" and in some situations "no" will lead you to new heights. If you have courage to say that small but powerful word.
Nomen est omen except when it's not
Company namesJune 6, 2016 ET
The world is full of strange company names, from fruit to founder names to strange collection of letters. But, how important the company name is and why should you change it?
How to turn a startup to a 'proper' company
Growing bigMay 23, 2016 ET
When starting a company, it is easy to be carried away with that spectacular new product you will offer to the general public, while neglecting the corporate life that makes it possible in the first place.
How the choose the right board members for your startup
Developing a companyMay 16, 2016 ET
When you start a company with that new and exciting product, you may find yourself asking two questions: Do I need a board of directors and if I do, how to find good candidates?
How to recognize that you are losing sight of what's important
What's importantMay 9, 2016 ET
Pressed by everyday duties, leaders may lose sight of what's important and, what's even more dangerous, when the loss becomes visible it may be very hard to get back on the right track.
What to do with a very efficient worker?
Efficient workerMay 2, 2016 ET
In every company there are super-achievers, employees that work faster and better than their colleagues. To keep them happy there should be some reward system in place and in this installment of Leadership we'll focus on time.
Important things to consider before you quit your job
ResignationApril 25, 2016 ET
There comes a time when you wake up and say to yourself "OK, that's enough, I quit." Maybe you even had that idea several times. But, before you submit your resignation to the board, stop for a while and think, maybe this is not the best solution.
When to turn down a promotion
PromotionApril 18, 2016 ET
It may sound silly, but the question is serious: Should you accept a promotion or not? It brings some benefits, a bigger salary and it is step up. But, not every promotion is for you.
Mentally strong managers and a success in the long run
ManagerApril 4, 2016 ET
To lead a company toward success, its manager must have - among other hard and soft skills - mental strength. Fortunately, this is not something abstract from the domain of "sit on the couch and talk to me," a few simple advice will do.
Good and bad sides of working with your spouse
Working with your spouseMarch 21, 2016 ET
Working with your spouse can be a wonderful experience or a nightmare and it depends on your approach the situation. Fortunately, with few simple rules to follow you may enjoy your work to the max.
If you lost key creative mind, don't lose your mind
Loss of the creative mindFebruary 29, 2016 ET
Losing a creative mind, that key person with a vision that guides the whole company to move forward, is the greatest loss that can happen. But it's not time for panic, although private and public companies may react differently to this.
Simple ways to be more productive without working 24/7
ProductivityFebruary 15, 2016 ET
Some of use learned how to be productive during long years of work on different projects, in different companies. You don't have to go that path, we'll share some of our best practices with you.
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