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When and how to hire a good chief financial officer
CFOSeptember 12, 2016 ET
In the life of any evolving company there is time when a chief financial officer must step on board and it's better to be a good one.
Why brands fail and what can you do to avoid failure
Out of businessSeptember 5, 2016 ET
Nothing lives forever and that's the fate that can strike even the biggest brands out there. However, while some fail in an instant, some are living to span the century. So, what's the secret?
You made a mistake. Should you tell your boss?
Talking to bossAugust 29, 2016 ET
We all make mistakes at work and that's it. We will make it sooner or later, even the best experts among us will make a few now and then, that's life. And the question is: Should you tell your boss?
How to deal with the most difficult coworkers and customers
Difficult customersAugust 22, 2016 ET
Working with computers and machines is easy but dealing with people is the hardest task, and that stands true for every field of work. We will show you how to handle difficult people following simple advice.
Forget today, work for tomorrow
Work for tomorrowAugust 15, 2016 ET
One way of telling are you doing a good job as CEO, is to take a look how much time you are working on the job that must be done today, and how much time you are spending thinking about tomorrow.
When top managers may take few days off?
VacationAugust 8, 2016 ET
Every employee, including the top management, needs vacation to recharge batteries and return to job happy and fresh. But what about the top manager, the person responsible for the whole company and all employees?
How to define salary levels in your company
Salary planAugust 1, 2016 ET
If you just started to hire employees or must devise a salary plan, that can turn to a nightmare. How to weight skills and knowledge to make everybody happy and your company competitive? The solution is simple.
How to choose good executive search agency
HeadhuntersJuly 25, 2016 ET
Choosing the right executive recruiting firm, or headhunters as they are also called, is an important task if you want your company to be the home of the best executives out there.
Sick leave: 'hero boss' vs 'hero employee'
Sick employeeJuly 18, 2016 ET
We all used to go to work sick. We have deadlines and projects, and we want all the work to be done, being sick or not. But, what makes us working during sick days? Along with a sense of duty, there is one strong motivator: Our boss.
How to alienate yourself on the new job
On the new jobJuly 11, 2016 ET
When you start on the new job, you definitively want to make a good impression. However, there are some forms of behavior, especially in people who achieved something big in life, that can be accepted negatively in their new company.
How fast should your company jump on new technology
New technologiesJuly 4, 2016 ET
There\'s no doubt new technologies are helping companies reach their goals faster and cheaper than ever before. From mobile phones to computers, they help us work faster and more efficient, but...
What to do with slowly-developing talents
Slow progressing employeeJune 27, 2016 ET
Every leader wants top talents and top performers in their team, but what about an employee who obviously has potential but is not developing it? You, the leader, can help greatly.
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