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Must you jump from job to job to be promoted?
Experienced managerApril 9, 2018 ET
To spend all your working time in just one company may be extremely smart decision.
Team building: From good idea to loss of money and time
Team buildingMarch 5, 2018 ET
When you come to a big company and get an invitation to attend a team building event, you are excited. But, somewhere along the line that excitement turns into \"Oh, no, not again.\" And you are not the only one that sees team building as a fashion that once was.
Leadership mistakes you most probably made. At least once
Leadership mistakesFebruary 5, 2018 ET
If you work, you make mistakes. That\'s life. However, if you are a leader, try to make a mistake once and never again because it can be costly. Here are some of them we all made, most probably without being aware it was a mistake.
Delegate work, but do it smartly
Delegate workJanuary 15, 2018 ET
If you never were in a CEOs shoes, a thought that may come to your mind surely is: \"It\'s easy to be a leader! They just delegate!\" Unfortunately, CEOs would say, it\'s not simple.
Business world 2017: Year of acquisitions, bankruptcy filings, and disasters
Business events in 2017December 29, 2017 ET
This year started with some very exciting events that predicted how the whole year will be shaped. In short, it can be described in three words: billions, bankruptcy, and disasters.
Secretary, guardian of company’s best practices
Company secretaryDecember 4, 2017 ET
There is one simple detail that separates so-so companies from well-organized ones: the position of company secretary.
How to be wise leader if you are not born genius
Wise leaderNovember 6, 2017 ET
In one point of time, one thought came to mind to all of us: "How clever she is!" Indeed, watching great leaders who accomplished a lot it is easy to think that way but we often fail to ask the most obvious question: "Are they born with it?"
CEOs, don't forget your main duties
CEOOctober 2, 2017 ET
In an ever-changing world of business CEO role is changing to respond to demands of increasing competition. But during that process the main responsibilities can easily be forgotten. Here is what is most important.
Should you hire a business coach?
Business coachSeptember 11, 2017 ET
With the advent of social media all kinds of "gurus," "ninjas," and "advisors" started to offer their services. One kind of consulting services with particularly suspicious success outcomes are business coaches.
Forget 'disruption,' there is another reason why startups are dangerous
StartupAugust 7, 2017 ET
Big, old-fashioned companies are always aware of new companies trying to enter an established market in a new and innovative way. "Disruption" is the word you here everywhere these days but the real reason startups are dangerous for old companies are employees.
CEO/chairman role shows does your country trust you
CEO and chairmanJuly 10, 2017 ET
There is a question that will never go away: Should CEO and chairman be two separate roles? With arguments for and against, it all comes down to the school of thought and performance.
Is it a risky business move of playing with luck?
Business meetingJune 5, 2017 ET
You may often read that some company was engaged in a risky business move and although we intuitively know what that means, if we try to define a risky move we'll see that's not so easy.
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