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Ted Blackwater
If you can't read the future stop worrying in advance

Worry too muchHow this will end? Did we do everything we could? Maybe we won't get that job after all...

If you failed as a leader, here you will find the top reasons why

LeaderEvery now and then everyone of us makes a mistake. However, no matter how high in the company's hierarchy we are, sometimes we fall so hard, we fall in an epic way.

Business world 2018: Just for the strongest among us

Business world 2018This year, slowly to fade away, was a roller coaster with some brilliant business moves mixed with uncertainty and trade war.

Being a mentor is a rewarding experience. If done right

mentorIf you, an experienced CEO, want to be a mentor to your younger colleagues, don't jump into it. First set up some clear rules and you will see benefits on both sides. Without rules, you will just spend your time in vain.

How to remove deadline stress among your employees

Deadline stressA deadline is a nice thing if you ask any manager. That's nicely defined time when everything must be done, a nice way to see who's working and who's not. But it's also a source of great stress for your employees. Fortunately, we have a recipe for that.

Delegative leadership is a good thing unless...

Delegative leadershipDelegative leadership is popular among some leaders because it gives their workers a great deal of freedom. And workers should be happier. And work more. And earn more. And, in fact, it very often turns into a disaster...

Almost insulting leadership advice you may hear way too often

Leadership adviceLet's face it: In a sea of what suppose to be great leadership advice, too many of them are "What the hell I just read?!" Here are some advice that sound almost insulting to an adult but you can find them around nonetheless.

How to ruin negotiations very effectively in a few easy steps

NegotiationsThere's no doubt you've been in a situation when you forgot that you have business negotiations arranged. Yes, that can happen in any organization and sometimes you just can't postpone it. And that's where your troubles start.

What to do if someone can't meet the deadline?

The deadlineSome people just can't finish the job and meet a deadline. That's a fact. So, what can we do about it? Here are some tips and one excellent bonus tip.

Do you really have to motivate your employees all the time?

MotivationIf you ask anybody what a great leader should do, motivation would be most probably on the top of the answers list. But stop for a moment and let's ask ourselves: What does it really mean if you need to constantly motivate your workers?

If the board offers you First 100 Days, just say no

First 100 DaysThe First 100 Days is a nice concept. As a new CEO you have time to walk around, learn about your new company, talk to people, see how it works... And you may end up with "A man with no courage" nickname.

Must you jump from job to job to be promoted?

Experienced managerTo spend all your working time in just one company may be extremely smart decision.

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