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WYX multimedia dock, finally something truly unique on the market

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Adriana First |
Innovation   Made for Android and iOS devices

The WYX multimedia dock could very well be the most powerful dock out there. It is a smart dock, also a power bank, and if developed fully it can be used for any Android and iOS device.

The idea is that it can charge any device and read pictures off from any device to the main Samsung mobile on the dock and display it on the HD monitor, Apple products included.

WYXAs a smart dock and power bank that harnesses the power of your Samsung phone, turning it into a mini desktop computer. The dock has an HDMI port, 2 USB ports, and a 3.5mm stereo connector, so you can easily plug in an HDTV, mouse and keyboard, and speakers. The WYX dock lets you share a presentation, watch a movie, or even play a game, all using your Samsung phone. This dock includes a built in power bank, so you can charge devices on the go, and can work connected to an HD monitor without being plugged in.

No complicated setup is required; you just attach your phone, plug in peripherals, and your phone transforms into a computer. You don’t even need to remove the case.

WYXWith the HDMI port, you can connect your device to an HDTV. Easily view your pictures, stream your favorite movies and shows, or enjoy a game, all in 1080p. Connect a storage device, mouse and keyboard, or other phone using the 2 built in USB ports, turn your device into a mini desktop computer. You can charge your Samsung phone with the micro USB insert, and can also charge another 2 mobile devices at the same time using the standard USB ports, the devices not only Android devices, also can be Apple products.

WYXThe dock includes a 3.5mm stereo out connector which supports digital audio, providing better sound quality to enjoy movies or music. The dock includes two 2600mah capacity lithium batteries, so it can work as a power bank and charge your phone on the go. It can support an HDMI connection without being plugged in. While the main device must be a Samsung, you can also connect an Apple, HTC, or LG device using USB. You can charge these devices, or even read pictures off them on the main mobile, and display them on the HD monitor.

The micro USB port insert is flexible, allowing the device to move around while plugged in without being damaged. We really do hope this device created by by Tieshun Zeng, Jonathan Smith, Araz Rosina, and Vino Liu will be fully developed because it brings something really new and useful to the digital market.

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