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Vintage-looking audio gadgets: The best of both worlds

Dale Davies ▼ | February 18, 2015
Can you really say the difference among the newest mobile phones, MP3 players of audio gadgets? Well, it's bit hard because many new device have no soul, no distinctive look or feel. That's why a mix of modern technology and retro look is always welcome in the eyes of gadgets fans.
Vintage-looking audio gadgets
Retro   When technology takes us back in time
CrosleyRetro-inspired, 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM Crosley Collegiate portable USB turntable features a front stereo speaker and it is easily transportable with a built-in leather handle allowing you to play your favorite records anywhere you go. Connect the Crosley Collegiate Portable USB Turntable to your computer through the USB port and use the included software to preserve your records. You can choose blue or red, there is a belt driven turntable mechanism and diamond stylus needle, and it features 5 watt drivers.

iRetrofoneRemember the old phone where dialing a number took time? With the iRetrofone you can go back in time without losing today's technology. Simply plug your iPhone into the iRetrofone 2.0 and you've got a conversation piece. You can shoulder hug the handset and even twirl the corded handset while chatting away. Each iRetrofone is hand cast from a great-looking resin, and is designed to be compatible with the iPhone 6. It also offers an opening for attaching a charging/sync cable.

Tivoli AudioYou don't get much more retro-looking than Tivoli Audio's Model 1. This is a basic FM/AM radio, not even any DAB. On board though is Bluetooth so you can listen to music via a Bluetooth enabled device, such as an iPhone, without having to dig out any cables. Alternatively if you want to listen to old fashioned wired devices there is an auxiliary input with Record and Headphone outputs. While some would say it lacks all of the modern technology miracles, the point is that simpler is sometimes better and what's more simple than a good, old radio with a good sound?

Teac LP-R500Another great retro music device comes from Teac. Boasting a three speed turntable (33, 45 and 78RPM) and a cassette deck, Teac LP-R500 record deck is the perfect gadget for those who can't bear to let go of their old music formats. But it also comes with a CD burner so you can transfer all of your old music to the formats. If you don't like the wooden finish, there is a version in black. Teac also sells replacement needles as an optional extra. Considering Teac's reputation, there's no doubt that LP-R500 you definitively should take a look at.

ViewQuestViewQuest Retro Radio DAB portable radio with iPhone / iPod cradle will bring you back to 60s. Available in several different colors, it has a docking station for an iPod/iPhone design as well as a DAB/FM radio. Also provided is an AUX input for other audio sources, 10 presets for DAB/FM and an auto scan function to make searching for your favorite radio shows even easier. It also has a back lit LCD screen, 2 x 10 Watt speakers and a battery life of 15 hours if you fancy listening outside. Modern technology mixed with 60s look in a great way.