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Vienna Acoustics Liszt, the pinnacle of Vienna Acoustics's Imperial

Dale Davies ▼ | February 16, 2018
The pinnacle of Vienna Acoustics’ Imperial Series, the Liszt is an ingenious three-way loudspeaker system using an all-new version of the Flat-Spider-Cone coincident driver technology.
Vienna Acoustics Liszt
Loudspeakers   An ingenious three-way loudspeaker system
Vienna Acoustics LisztThis driver is set in a separate rotating, vented enclosure, supported by a sophisticated bass cabinet featuring three of our patented Spider-Cone woofers. The heart of the Liszt design is the new 15cm Flat-Spider-Cone coincident driver; the result of an intensive development project conducted over the course of many years to further advance our patented system. This second-to-none driver assembly, which perfectly marries an astonishing new midrange with an equally remarkable tweeter, was developed by Vienna Acoustics and is manufactured by ScanSpeak.

Vienna Acoustics LisztThe midrange portion of the system employs a flat driver using our proprietary self-damping X3P polymer material strengthened by the introduction of glass fibers, which further gains structural rigidity from its twelve large 16mm reinforcement “Spider” ribs. The result of this patented technology is not only unparalleled stiffness with true pistonic behavior, but also exceptionally low mass, resulting in ultra-fast transient response and resolution.

Vienna Acoustics LisztPrecisely and effortlessly controlling this driver is a huge, high-force neodymium magnet assembly, built around a massive 50mm voice coil. Installed in a perfectly time-aligned position at the center of the midrange driver is our new Vienna Acoustics–designed, hand-coated silk dome tweeter, driven by a neodymium magnet motor assembly. With over two years of development, this new tweeter ranks as one of our best drivers to date. The cabinet designed to house this unique driver system makes the most of its remarkable technology.

Vienna Acoustics LisztThe Flat-Spider-Cone driver is housed in a separate top unit that is decoupled from the bass enclosure by a high-tech, aluminum pivoting mechanism, facilitating optimal tuning by permitting minute toe-in adjustments of the Music Center. While this basic configuration is similar to that found in the Klimt Series of speakers, unique to Liszt is the porting of the midrange cabinet. This newly VA researched suspension system allows for unsuppressed dynamic delivery and resolution.