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Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand

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Dale Davies ▼ | August 9, 2013
Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert GrandIf you are not familiar with Vienna Acoustic loudspeakers, you definitively must find a dealer near you and take a look. They look beautiful, they sound beautiful, those are loudspeakers that can put an end to the search for the perfect speakers.

Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert GrandVienna is the home town of Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss, and it's no surprise that folks from Vienna Acoustic are so inclined to music. Their loudspeakers lines are Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Bach... and every name fits perfectly to the particulars speaker series. Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand has word Beethoven in it because those loudspeakers are able to deliver the complexity of given music in a rich, warm, and musical manner.

Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert GrandNow, let's see those beauties top to bottom, inside out. Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand are of just right dimensions 190 x 1085 x 400 mm (7,5 x 42,7 x 15,7", without spike assembly) to create a nice addition to your listening (living) room, to be a focal point without disturbing your room design. They come in several finishes, from piano black to cherry to piano white; their look is classic elegance and the woodwork... Well, woodwork is brilliant.

Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert GrandBeethoven was great and so are three 7" Spidercone bass drivers feature a reworked motor assembly and revised placement of the XXP ribs, providing increased output, extension and control. Mind you, we are talking here about Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) drivers. You can see where this leads: Three big surface areas means easy reproduction of extreme bass dynamics with articulation and force. People at Vienna Acoustic added am inverted rubber surround design and formulation and they goat no loss damping of cone edge resonances.

Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert GrandVienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand are 4 Ohms loudspeakers of bass reflex type, they cover frequency range 28-22000 Hz with sensitivity of 91 dB. Sounds good? Yes. If you take a peek inside you'll see MKP capacitors with 1% tolerance, coils with 0.7% tolerance, special powder core for bass, metal film Resistors, again 1%tolerance, impulse optimizing QB 3 (Quasi-Butterworth)... All high-end components.

Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert GrandThe tweeter was developed by Vienna Acoustics in cooperation with Scan Speak. They provide great resolution of the subtlest of high frequency impulses and it's still able to maintain the warmth and clarity in the midrange with producing a colored sound. To be able to do that Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand features specially designed linear crossover with the copper circuit paths arranged in the direction of electron flow. Yes, in the direction of electron flow.

People at Vienna Acoustic were thinking about every detail while designing Beethoven Concert Grand and you can be sure you'll get a warm, clear and precise sound, no matter what music you bring to those loudspeakers. Definitively something to seriously consider in the search for the perfect speakers.

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