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Vertere DG-1 Dynamic Groove Record Player, innovative plug and play

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 17, 2019
Vertere DG-1
Audio   The DG-1's 24-pole Precision Synchronous motor is individually tuned

The Vertere DG-1 is as close as you're going to get to plug and play in a high-end, high-performance record player, and yet packed with innovations.

vertere_dgIn case you thought the motor's only job was to make sure the record rotates at the right speed, think again: as the only source of energy for the signal generated by the cartridge and fed out to the amplifier, it's arguably the most important part of any record player. The DG-1's 24-pole Precision Synchronous motor is individually tuned to minimise noise, uses an offboard power supply, and is controlled by circuitry derived from that developed for the flagship RG-1 Reference Motor Drive.

vertere_dgFor the DG-1, the advanced electrics have been designed down to a single microprocessor PCB, which is both addressable for precision setting during manufacture and programmable for future upgrades. Copper/stainless steel shielding protects it from unwanted interference. Drive to the platter is via a precision machined aluminium alloy pulley on the motor and a bespoke silicon rubber drive belt for smoothness and durability, while electronic speed change, via a switch to the rear of the plinth top-plate, adds to the ease of use and removes any need for belt-handling.

vertere_dgLike the pulley, the platter itself is also precision-machined alloy, to the top of which is bonded a PETG record interface mat. On the underside a cork/Neoprene/nitrile bonded disc controls platter resonance. The platter rotates on a highly polished stainless steel spindle, which rides in a main bearing housing using a super precision tungsten carbide ball, avoiding the need for complex regimes of lubrication, while still retaining the smoothness of rotation essential for the accurate playback of records.

vertere_dgThat's another example of the many ways in which the elements of this record player have been simplified to optimise performance. The DG-1 tonearm is uniquely Vertere, and differs from established thinking in its use of a flat profile in place of the usual tube. The DG-1's three-layer, non-resonant tonearm beam uses a flexible PCB sandwiched into the arm itself to carry signal from the cartridge to the output terminals. Like the tonearm, the DG-1 plinth is a sandwich construction, using non-resonant cast acrylic to form the main plinth and the sub-plinth for a clean and sophisticated look.

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