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The wave that follows your fingers

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Dale Davies |
logitech wave keyboard ergonomicFrom time to time, the are new products that set the standard in their category, although at the first sight there are rather evolutionary than revolutionary. But we know that no revolution ends well, so we'll stick to the evolution, this time in keyboard design.

We use some sort of keyboard every single day, be it a workstation full-size, or cell phone miniature keyboard. Sometimes we are just happy with the feeling, sometimes we'd like to smash it with a hammer, and sometimes we end up in a hospital suffering from some form of RSI. There were some attempts in the past to create an ergonomic keyboard, but the only model that really stood to promises is Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

logitech wave keyboard ergonomicNow, the Logitech made Wave, the ergonomic keyboard shaped following the palm and fingers. The Wave is not just curved keyboard, it has keys of different sizes and positions. The wave-shaped key design conforms naturally to fingers and that provides comfortable and ergonomically hand position. It is important because our fingers are not equally long and strong, so the Wave follow the fingers. If you are long typing person, you can rest the hands on soft surface at the bottom of the keyboard. The height can be adjusted to three positions which should suit everybody's needs.

The Logitech Wave Keyboard has additional controls for Vista features that we love: Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery and Gadgets. There are also controls for volume adjustments, playback, and Media Center and Front Row. F-key are programmable, so the access to your favorite application (read: game) is so easy. Add on top of that the possibility of routing the headphone cords through the channel on the underside of the keyboard and you'll get a well-thought out piece of hardware.

The Wave is black and it will fit any hardware color you have in the office and it actually looks like the part of the Enterprise control room. If you're buying a new keyboard, be sure to check this one.

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