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The Kingdom Royal by Tannoy

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Dale Davies ▼ | October 11, 2013
The Kingdom Royal by TannoyThe Kingdom Royal is a flagship loudspeaker representing the sum of Tannoy's rich heritage: 300 watt RMS, a no-compromise design, and a radical new cabinet are pushing music to new levels.

Every audiophile knows the meaning of these three words: Tulsemere Manufacturing Company. Well, if you are a bit younger, Tannoy will seem more familiar to you. In any case, you know that Tannoy is one of the oldest and most repected names in audio business. Following the rich heritage, Tannoy's engineers went a step further and here is the result: The Kingdom Royal.

The Kingdom Royal by TannoyThe name is absolutely appropriate. The Kingdom Royal brings together a new series of Tannoy reference components, from anew cabinet to the finest quality materials. The Kingdom Royal loudspeakers features a four-way design to offer linearity from sub-bass (below 20Hz) to ultra-high frequencies (over 50kHz). At its heart is an all-new 12in Dual ConcentricTM drive unit that dstretches Tannoy's established DC technology to the limits.

Tannoy's engineers spent two years developing the new Kingdom Royal 12in Dual Concentric driver and came up with the most advanced coaxial HF/LF driver Tannoy has ever developed.

The Kingdom Royal by TannoyThe HF drive unit is one of Tannoy's most radical driver designs to date. It couples a 3in heat tempered aluminium alloy dome and waveguide with a 1.5kg ferrite motor to create a true horn loaded compression driver. Each production dome is individually tested and, along with the mated copper clad aluminium voice coil, undergoes full deep cryogenically treatment. Now, you got the picture how fanatical Tannoy's engineers are.

The Kingdom Royal by TannoyTo produce harmonics well beyond the accepted range of human hearing, the Kingdom Royal SuperTweeter uses a high-tech magnesium alloy dome that offers remarkable coherence and near flat extension out to over 61kHz. To deliver bass and sub-bass performance to match the new DC and Supertweeter drivers, Kingdom Royal uses a 15in multi-fibre bass driver with massive ferrite motor system and underhung voice coil.

If you need some number, here they are: The Kingdom Royal by Tannoy can deliver 300 watt RMS with 1200 watt peak and total harmonic distortion of less than 1% at 300 watt RMS (50Hz to 20kHz). Sensitivity is 96dB for 2.83 volt at 1 metre, and nominal Impedance 8 Ohms. Dispersion is 90 degree conical. But, don't pay too much attention to the number, you should hear the music produced by The Kingdom Royal.

The Kingdom Royal by TannoyBut the beauty is not just inside. The Kingdom Royal cabinet is designed beautifully. The massive curve-sided cabinet is constructed from machined high-density fibreboard and birch plywood sourced from cooler, slow growing regions of the world for its superior density and acoustic properties. Built with both vertically and horizontally laminated sections and braced with Tannoy's DMT, the cabinet is incredibly rigid. This technique allows the deepest bass notes to expand naturally into the room.

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