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That's not a system, that's music

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Dale Davies ▼ | January 18, 2013
Legacy Audio HelixWhen you mix high technology with science and years of continuous auditory research, the result must be stunning. And indeed, Helix loudspeakers by Legacy Audio, are the top.

Just take a look at this data: 145 kg (320 lbs.) each loudspeaker. That speaks volumes, so to speak. As every old audiophile know, great weight equals great quality. And it is so. Building a dynamic speaker is like constructing a greater geometric pyramid: high peaks demand a great base (or in this case, of course, bass).

Legacy Audio HelixWorking with component manufacturers from France, Italy and Canada, Legacy Audio's mastermind Bill Dudleston developed a unique family of drivers for the Helix system. Symmetrically arrayed neodymium mid-bass and midrange drivers provide a carefully shaped directivity pattern that virtually eliminates sidewall and early floor reflections.

A pair of one inch tweeters are splayed precisely to compliment that radiation pattern. Each tweeter takes advantage of dual-pole neodymium magnets. A special lens was designed to provide acoustical impedance to the diaphragms and prevent comb filtering.

Legacy Audio HelixDeep bass notes emerge from the Silver-Graphite/Rohacell reinforced 15-inch subwoofer. That ultra-long throw driver is rear firing for the earliest pressurization and rarefaction. Mounted just above this rear woofer is a phase compensated, wave-terminating 15” driver which minimizes buildup of standing waves.

Helix architecture is based around a sophisticated digital time-compensating processor. Within the digital matrix, the transfer functions for each driver can be derived via summation and subtraction, parametrically equalized, and then time shifted. The result is accuracy; a totally coherent, spatially integrated, acoustic event. Custom room adjustments are readily implemented via serial/USB port.

Legacy Audio's beauty utilizes separate amplification for each drive section, uses the Wavelaunch algorithm for acoustic steering, and benefits from built-in stereo subwoofers powered by 750 watts of ICEpower amplification for lower distortion and greater spatial integrity.

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