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Small and cool, best of IFA 2015 gadgets

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Adriana First |
IFA 2015 Berlin
IFA 2015 Berlin   From sleeping device to rolling keyboard

We saw many cool gadgets on IFA 2015 but nothing that will blow us out of our shoes. However, there are some innovative gadgets deserved to be mentioned because they are either based on new ideas or are taking the existing technologies to another level.

SleepSenseSamsung SleepSense device goes under your mattress and analyses the quantity and quality of your sleep. It provides personalized sleep reports and expert recommendations on how to improve your sleep via a mobile app. Its mobile app assigns you a numerical sleep score that takes into account how often you woke up, the amount of time you spent in REM sleep, and your sleep efficiency. Based on your score, the app can give you advice on how to improve. The app has an alarm that goes off when you're at an appropriate point in your sleep cycle.

LG RollyLG Rolly Keyboard is the world’s first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard. Made of impact-resistant and durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic, typing on the keyboard offers satisfying tactile feedback, and the whole thing folds up along the four rows to create an easy-to-carry “stick”. As with any new product, you might become accustomed to these constraints with time, but we think the Rolly will not be comfortable for long typing hours.

Xperia Z5The 5.5-inch Sony Xperia Z5 Premium boasts a 4K Ultra HD screen, capable of displaying images with four times the resolution of Full HD. It is also capable of capturing images in 4K, with the option of preserving them as 8-Megapixel quality images. This is quite a big resolution for 5.5-inch display and it will be welcomed by all photography fans, not to mention all of you who can't imagine the day without playing some game on your smartphone. Take this device into account.

PanasonicFor you, high-end audio fans, Panasonic has something very interesting. Panasonic’s rug speakers are incorporated into the carpet and provide 6.1-channel surround sound, perfect for watching films. The sound can be directed to people who want to listen to it or away from those in the room who may be in conversation or reading. This new concept will probably make all Hi-Fi experts and "experts" look the other side but considering the company, those loudspeakers are worth to try.

Philips Hue LightstripsAnd for the end, we must mention Philips Hue Lightstrips, They can be used to create mood lighting, or synced to your favorite music for a rhythmic light show. The strips can be bent, shaped, cut and attached to furniture using adhesive tape, and you can control the color and brightness using an app. Those are perfect for any party imaginable but they can also be used to create a desired mood in retail spaces, so there's no doubt they will find their application in real life situations.

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