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Revel Performa F228Be, powerful and elegant loudspeakers

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Dale Davies ▼ | February 8, 2019
The Revel Performa F228Be is a powerful and elegant 3-way, dual 8-inch floorstanding loudspeaker.
Revel Performa F228Be
Loudspeakers   The F228Be delivers unparalleled detail and accuracy
Revel Performa F228BeFeaturing an all-new Beryllium tweeter, the F228Be delivers unparalleled detail and accuracy with an expansive and cohesive soundstage. At the heart of the Revel Performa F228Be's immaculate sound lies a 1-inch beryllium tweeter driven by massive 85mm dual ceramic magnets. The powerful tweeter is mated to a 5th-generation ceramic-coated, cast-aluminum Acoustic Lens waveguide engineered to seamlessly integrate with the directivity of the companion midrange driver.

Revel Performa F228BeThe 5.25-inch midrange driver has been updated with a larger Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) diaphragm, bigger voice coil and ceramic motor structure. The result is greater efficiency, less compression, improved dynamic range, reduced distortion, and increased power handling. PerformaBe crossover networks utilize all film capacitors and air core inductors in the midrange and tweeter circuits. These premium components allow Revel's world-class engineers to extract nuances and details from music that would otherwise be lost.

Revel Performa F228BeCombined with traditional Revel high-order crossover slopes and proprietary Acoustic Lens waveguide geometry, transducer integration is seamless. Beryllium - Element 4 on the Periodic Table - is a rare earth metal that is renowned for its remarkable physical properties that make it the ideal material for a high-frequency transducer. Compared to aluminum and titanium tweeter diaphragms, Beryllium offers 4.5 times the stiffness and three times more damping, and does so at only half of the weight.

Revel Performa F228BeF228Be top panels are painted in stylish metallic black with raised electroform badging. The speakers are available in a choice of four high-gloss finishes for seamless integration into any décor: Black, White, Walnut, and Metallic Silver. Tech specs: recommended amplifier power 50 - 350 Watts, frequency response (-6DB) 27Hz - 44kHz, sensitivity 90dB, net weight 82 lbs / 37.2kg, crossover frequencies 260Hz; 2.1kHz. You should really hear Revel Performa F228Be and what they can deliver.