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Print photos in Polaroid-style with Prynt

Dale Davies ▼ | May 19, 2015
Prynt, the innovative smartphone case that prints out your pictures, raised more than $1.5 million on Kickstarter. It seems the old Polaroid is alive again. But let's see what that $129 device is all about.
Smartphone gadget   Printing photos using a smartphone
PryntPrynt is a smartphone case that incorporates a little photo printer that uses no ink and connects to your smartphone, be it an iPhone or an Android phone thanks to its clever connectors. Well, not exactly any phone because it is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. So, if you have an older but still very good phone you can't think about Prynt. You can pick a photo already existing in your camera roll or shoot it with the Prynt app, and then print out a two-by-three inch photo.

PryntThere is enough room for up to 10 pieces of paper in the case and it can print each photo in about 30 seconds. Prynt doesn't require batteries as it uses USB charging, and doesn't require ink because it is applying heat to a specially treated Zink paper. That has the benefit of making the prints unlikely to smudge and resistant to water. There's also a nice augmented reality feature. Take a video while you're taking your photo, and Prynt can link the clip to your photo.

PryntLater on, when you point the app at the printed out version of the photo, it can play back the video on your phone and since the video is stored in the cloud, anybody you give the photo to can use the Prynt app to view it. Speaking about its design, Prynt is much thicker than you phone, and that is understandable, but you'll have to put it on when you want to make pictures so it's a bit awkward to carry that around just in case you'd wish to print something out. It comes in black, white, blue, and pink colors.

PryntSo, what to do with it? Prynt is a very interesting piece of technology, no doubt about it, but what's the use? It is interesting to print a photo on the spot but after few prints it's not so interesting anymore. In the age of digital technology who will carry their photos on paper around? We already have all our photos on our phones, computers and in the cloud, and just a small amount of people will get the urge to print them all out.

Prynt is an interesting device if you are at your grandma's birthday and want to take a ($129) shot of the whole happy family and print the photo for the grandma to put it above the fireplace. But, since even grandmas are on Facebook today, the chance is she already has a digital photo frame. In short, this is a nice application of technology and good marketing but nothing more.