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100 watts into 8 Ohm from great Sugden Grande amplifier
Sugden Grande amplifierJune 28, 2019 ET
The Sugden Grande amplifier is a mono block amplifier operating in ‘Pure Class A’ mode.
Teac TN-4D, a very special turntable
Teac TN-4DJune 21, 2019 ET
The Teac TN-4D is a direct-drive, analogue turntable with an elegant, low-profile design.
New HTCs are like the smartphone market: extremely boring
HTCJune 14, 2019 ET
HTC has added two new smartphones to its portfolio and perfectly described the current state of the smarpthone market: extremely boring.
Hegel H30 amplifier delivers tremendously deep bass and unheard high frequencies
Hegel H30June 7, 2019 ET
With a power rating of more than 1,1 kW in 8 ohms it is on the verge of being easier to measure the H30 in horsepower.
New iPod touch features support for group FaceTime and AR
Apple iPodMay 31, 2019 ET
Apple introduced the new iPod touch with enhancements to power, capability and communication at a remarkable price starting from $199.
Apple MacBook Pro with new processor is a beast
Apple MacBook ProMay 24, 2019 ET
Apple updated MacBook Pro with faster 8th- and 9th-generation Intel Core processors, bringing eight cores to MacBook Pro for the first time.
Vertere DG-1 Dynamic Groove Record Player, innovative plug and play
Vertere DG-1May 17, 2019 ET
The Vertere DG-1 is as close as you\'re going to get to plug and play in a high-end, high-performance record player, and yet packed with innovations.
Dell XPS 15 2-in 1 is not a laptop, it's a real business workhorse
Dell XPSMay 10, 2019 ET
The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 laptop is powerhouse computer you\'d like to have by your side if you are a serious businessman.
Rupert Neve Designs RNHP. You need this headphones amplifier. Period
Rupert Neve Designs RNHPMay 3, 2019 ET
Your headphone amplifier is as important to the final sound quality as your headphones, yet the world is full of headphone amps with compromised sonics.
Oppo Reno with 10x zoom is finally here
Oppo RenoApril 26, 2019 ET
The Reno is the most affordable member of Oppo’s new international smartphone line.
Microsoft Surface Studio 2, a machine built to impress
Microsoft Surface Studio 2April 19, 2019 ET
The Microsoft Surface Studio 2, a machine built for artists is, to put it shortly, stunning.
Dali Rubicon 8, surprisingly excellent sound for your pleasure
Dali Rubicon 8April 12, 2019 ET
The floor standing flagship of the Rubicon series, the Dali Rubicon 8, will provide you with a mind blowing large soundstage and an impressive deep, physical bass.
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