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New gadgets from the Land of the Rising Sun

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Adriana First |
New gadgets
Funny and useful   From foldable desk to jumping player

From the home country of the most interesting gadgets in the world, we bring you some new ideas and devices that are useful and entertaining at the same time. Here is the collection of new gadgets made in Japan.

EndeavorEpson has a very interesting device, a stick-style PC called the Endeavor SY01. The device allows the user to transform an HDMI-compliant TV or display screen into a regular desktop PC. It features Atom Z3735F CPU, 2GB DDR3L memory, 32GB eMMC storage, and microSD card slot. It also includes an HDMI input and has a built-in cooling fan in a tiny body (113 x 14 x 38mm) that weights only 60g. It supports Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. A full computer in your pocket, can it be better than that?

Nomad SuitcaseFor all digital nomads and workaholics out there, there is the ultimate tool to work anywhere, anytime, as long as you with. It's a foldable desk built-in suitcase called Nomad Suitcase created by BIBI LAB. This desk is ready-made, and entirely self-contained. You don't need tools required to build the desk, and it comes fully equipped with a dedicated chair. So, literally you can start working anywhere and anytime you want and move anytime you want. Just take a note that it may be good for you but not so good if your boss discovers you can work all day long.

BSP60Known as a very innovative nations, Japanese came up with a small but very cute gadget. Sony maed a spherical speech recognition Bluetooth speaker, BSP60. When paired with a device, it plays music via smartphones, allows for hands-free phone conversations, tell you the weather, reads your schedule, and so on. When it plays music, BSP60 also moves around, getting down to the beat - opening and closing its top speaker covers, with LEDs bouncing along to the rhythm. It will enter so much joy into your life, you won't believe a small gadget can be so happy.

Linear LinerThe next gadget is not something we usually describe here, but it's an example of big technology scaled down to a gadget, yet retaining its core philosophy. Takara Tomy debuted a Linear Liner bullet train toy for which it is planned to be out for sale in September. This is a miniature version of the MagLev bullet train, currently in testing in Japan and that runs at speeds over 500 km per hour. The Linear Liner toy floats a bit by magnetic energy, making a 2mm gap between the vehicle and the rail, and runs at 6 to 7 km per hour, which makes the speed over 500 kmh according to scale speed.

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