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Max features at micro price

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Dale Davies ▼ | August 29, 2014
Micromax Android One   How to take over the market

India is a huge market for smartphone manufacturers so why some of the world's biggest companies can't keep pace with local ones? The case of Micromax Informatics can serve as a good example, showing how it should be done.

MicromaxWhen Google announced the Android One program, Micromax of India was one of the first companies to jump on that plane. They will announce their first Android One phone very soon and from what we know at the moment it is destined for a big success. The company already sent invitations for a big event to be held in New Delhi on September 1, under the motto Witness the Democratization of the Technology. Those words are very well chosen.

It is expected that Micromax will show the device with the 4.5-inch display, 1GB of memory, 1,700 mAh battery, FM Radio, microSD card slot for memory expansion, and dual SIM functionality which is very popular in India. The best part: It should cost around $100. So, a cheap product with a lot of features and very good hardware will soon see the daylight and with no doubt cause new headache for big players. Or, to be more precise, for players that were big and now are in a big decline.

MicromaxMicromax Informatics is a company that started with mobile phones manufactured in China and then shifted the production to home. No surprise here considering how many excellent scientists and engineers India produces every year. Micromax is currently the 2nd largest smartphone company in India, in some segments it's No1, and the 10th largest mobile phone player in the world. So, how did they achieve that?

First, take a look at their Canvas. It features 1.7GHz Tru Octa Core processor, 5-inch FHD IPS screen, there is the Yamaha Amplifier, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system under the hood. It comes with 2GB of memory, very good design and 16-megapixel camera capable of recording a video at a 1080p resolution. You don't have to be hard core geek to see those are very very nice features.

MicromaxThen, the company listens what the market has to say. It makes dual SIM devices, the 30-day battery backup, has a model for each and every customer profile, and still they found the time to make tablets, feature phones, TVs, and they are selling through more outlets than your country has cities. Naturally, their main markets are India, Russia and SAARC countries (The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation), where customers are eager to buy cheap but capable devices.

Thus, several questions came to mind just like that. Why the biggest players can't make a cheap phone with great hardware? Why are they stubbornly trying to sell their bloated software? Why don't they pay attention to what the local market wants? It seems only their leaders know that. But, while they are doing nothing, Micromax is expanding very fast. It will be soon in the store near you. Or in your pocket.

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