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Magni 3 headphones amplifier, that's some good Schiit

Dale Davies ▼ | October 12, 2018
Magni headphones amplifier made vy Schiit has the power, performance, resolution, and versatility to meet all your needs no matter the headphone.
Schiit Magni 3
Audio   No matter what kind of headphones you own, you need this amplifier
Schiit Magni 3No matter what kind of headphones you own, you need this amplifier. With a full 2000mW into 32 ohms—rated in the most honest way, RMS continuous, both channels driven—Magni has tremendous reserves of power. Combined with low distortion, an exceptionally low noise floor, and switchable gain, Magni is ready for any headphone. Magni 3 includes preamp outputs. This means you can connect it to your desktop powered monitors for a complete system—or even connect it to a speaker power amp and use it as a preamp.

Schiit Magni 3With its built-in time-delayed start-up and instant shut-down, there’ll be no glitches or pops through either headphones or speakers, either. Most headphone amps in Magni’s price range use op-amps for gain and power output. Not Magni. Magni’s gain stage is an-all-new, fully discrete, high-speed, dc-coupled, current-feedback design, completely different than the first and second-generation Magnis. This current-feedback gain stage is typically only found in very exotic designs that sell for more than 10x the Magni’s price.

Schiit Magni 3By “made in USA,” they mean made in USA. The vast majority of the total production cost of Magni—chassis, boards, assembly, etc—goes to U.S. companies manufacturing in the U.S. Magni is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for two years. That’s 2x the coverage of most amps in this price range. And, if you don’t like your Magni, you can still send it back for a refund, minus 15% restocking fee, within 15 days of receiving your amp.

Schiit Magni 3No matter what kind of headphones you own, be they $5,000 monsters or $10 earbuds, you need this amplifier. It is dead simple to operate, provides incredibly smooth sound, looks fantastic, and will power just about everything. If you need great headphones amplifier you simply must heat Schiit Magni 3, there's no doubt about it. After that, well, we don't think you'd want to hear something else.