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Lamm Industries ML3 Signature monoblock amplifier

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Dale Davies |
Lamm Industries ML3The ML3 amplifier is obviously a device absolutely focused on sound: engineers were not paying to much attention to fancy design details; instead, they embedded all their knowledge into circuits around tubes. The sound? Overwhelming.

The ML3 is a single-ended (SE) tube amplifier utilizing a very powerful direct-heated triode GM-70 (125W plate dissipation) and a separate power supply.

Lamm Industries ML3It is a 32-watt amplifier that operates in pure class A and utilizes no overall feedback. The topology of the ML3 is absolutely unique and incorporates one of the most advanced power supplies ever featured in an audio device. These factors, along with the designer's unique vision and understanding of the underlying principles of audio electronics, make the ML3 an outstanding amplifier.

Lamm Industries ML3SE tube amplifiers, in general, have the potential to reproduce music with greater realism than any other amplifier type or topology. These amplifiers can sound lovely in the midrange but their low and high frequency reproduction leaves much to be desired. The ML3 overcomes these obvious limitations. Those who have listened to the ML3 firsthand have unanimously acknowledged this phenomenon and have reported it to be utterly unique in their collective experience.

Lamm Industries ML3 Along with the ML2.1, the ML3 is practically the only SE tube amplifier available capable of reproducing an entire range of audio frequencies, not just the exquisite midrange but also the most natural and extended bass and high frequencies. Due to its extraordinary transparency, the ML3 is also unmatched its ability to recreate a three-dimensional soundstage without boundaries and limitations. Each amplifier is handcrafted of the finest materials and world-class parts.

Special attention was given to designing the plate, filament, and output transformers. They have no mechanical contact with either the transformer cover or the chassis and are suspended in a special encapsulant that almost completely absorbs residual mechanical vibrations. This plays a significant role in assuring the consummate clarity and micro-resolution of the ML3 during sound reproduction.

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