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Kinwei might bring new wind in iWorld

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Dale Davies ▼ | October 27, 2007
Once upon a time Japan was considered to be a land of cheap copies of western products. These days, China is in the same position.
kinwei technologies china
kinwei technologies chinaOnce upon a time Japan was considered to be a land of cheap copies of western products. These days, China is in the same position.

Chinese companies are working hard to change the image of copycat manufacture and to position among the respectable companies of the world. And, true, if Honda and Toyota and other Japanese companies did it, why shouldn't Chinese?

kinwei technologies chinaKinwei Technologies is based in Shenzhen and has Research & Development centres in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Is started ten years ago and today it presents two new models of DRAM or flash memories every month. That sole fact tells us something, and the recognition that came from Intel and title "one of the three internal memory manufacturers" should be enough to understand that Kinwei Technologies is respectable company even if you don't read about it every day.

Kinwei is able to deliver up to 600,000 MP3 players and flash drives every month and it has ISO 9001 certificate. So, besides working for well-established name, what is the next step? Of course, developing something under own flag. Kinwei Technologies has seven groups of products: GPS, MP4, DPD, MP3, DVB-T, USB and Memory cards. Among the MP4, there are some interesting things, if not for the specification, then for design.

kinwei technologies chinaKW-P4074 is like iEvertything-Looks-The-Same thing. It resembles the look of iPhone or iPod (or every other future device from Apple, they all will obviously look the same). Speaking about music KW-P4074 will play MP3, WMA, WMV and ASF; it will show pictures in JPG and BMP; while video should be in AVI format. If you like karaoke you'll find that "synchronized lyric display" is a useful option. Built-in Li-ion battery gives enough juice for all that plus 4 gigabytes memory and SD-card of two gigabytes.

kinwei technologies chinaAmong other devices KW-P4075 looks the best. (Please note that old-fashioned, almost brain insulting products names that should be changed. But we won't give a minus for that because western industry didn't solve problem of giving names, either).

So, 75, as I will call it, has no buttons on it and may be considered as a Zen-version of iPod. It really looks good and cool, and it has touch pad under the 2.4-inch display. As for pictures, it supports JPG, GIF and BMP. Music may be encoded in MP1, MP2, MP3 and WMA formats, and there is also FM stereo radio (by the way, programs can be recorded). It comes in two safest colors, black and white, with two gigabytes of memory.

It is a very interesting concept and reason to look in the future. Designers from Kinwei Technologies have potential to surprise us, as well as iIndustry, and bring new winds in industry that needs new challenges. Because it seems that every high-tech company need a fashion designer to make a new mobile phone or player. What internal design departments are doing, anyway?