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KH-K1000 from Kenwood: Very promising

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Dale Davies |
KH-K1000 headphones KenwoodThe new headphones deliver crisp sound, rich in details, very direct, and with no strain on ears during longer listening.

When talking about Kenwood your first thought wouldn't be headphones. Yet, a company known by car and other stereo, makes great ham radio stations and very good communication headphones for Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood. Now, here we have KH-K1000, dynamic headphones designed not for distant voices of , but for very delicate voices and music.

KH-K1000 headphones KenwoodKH-K1000 headphones' target group are customers that need a high-quality source of music. The new model belongs in Kseries, a technology that pay attention to details: The main characteristic of KH-K1000 is equally emphasized frequencies, from lowest to highest. Large drivers of 53mm are housed in aluminium and that suppress vibration, lowers the distortion of the sound, and contribute to dynamic.

Damping material inside is another example of perfection that KH-K1000 want to achieve. Overall, the sound they deliver is crisp, rich in details, very direct, and with no strain on ears during longer listening. A short test reveals good spatial definition with all musician on their place, and in clearly observable depth. A demanding listening material (flamenco passages, Ravel and Beethoven) shows that delicate parts are accurately presented which proves that KH-K1000 do belong in higher class. It is a pleasure to note that construction allows long listening without any side effect because weight and shape are just perfect. That stands true, of course, for my head, but with proper adjustment I think they'll fit to anybody.

KH-K1000 has output sound level of 98dB/mW (ears of careless listener will stay healthy), maximum input power is 1,500mW, and frequency range is 10 to 45,000 Hz. Cord with length of three metres allow you to place yourself at reasonable distance of your music equipment. Unfortunately, we were unable to have KH-K1000 for longer time and this test looks rather generic, but it seems that we are dealing with promising model from Kenwood.

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