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High-end luxury CD player

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Dale Davies |
Stibbert Tube CD PlayerThe Stibbert Tube CD Player aims to be the very best in quality and design. And indeed, Italian designers at Goldenote made a great job creating one of the most unusual CD players around.

The Stibbert Tube CD Player is still unusual in its design: its double chassis is completely isolated through four conical springs and the main base is 20mm thick to ensure high stability.

Stibbert Tube CD PlayerSuch a special curved shape enormously increases the structural rigidity of the design, virtually eliminating any vibration feedback. The transport mechanism is of the drawer type and is designed to achieve the best disc rotation stability. The mechanism features the Goldenote digital technology using the new proprietary Natural-Speed, a technology that enables the transport to reduce the voltage and the speed at the minimum possible in order to achieve the best sonic performance.

Stibbert Tube CD PlayerThe output filters Zero-Clock and the voltage power supply system Electro-Power are in fact the consolidated proprietary well-known devices. The Zero-Clock enables the highest performance killing the jitter and the clock error but also having a very sophisticated output digital filter. The Electro-Power voltage power supply system offers an innovative current generation, cleaning up the signal going to the analogue stage for superior sonic performance.

Stibbert Tube CD PlayerElectro-Power controls the pick-up laser and mechanic motors for a perfect disc rotation stability, getting a total speed fluctuation lower than an outstanding 0.0001%. The higher standard self-adjusting properties of the Electro-Power enables to keep absolutely stable all micro and macro voltages to keep a precise super smooth voltage in all electrical local digital and analogue audio signal paths.

Stibbert Tube CD Player The Electro-Power also galvanically shields the CD Player to guarantee the best sound performance available. The Stibbert Tube chassis is made of a high density steel alloy treated with a diamagnetic black polyvinyl paint. The mass of the chassis is three times higher than previous versions enabling higher bass resolution. The new chassis design allows an easy tube changing and better controlled grounding path.

The Stibbert Tube features a sophisticated tube analogue output stage based on two 6922 tubes. There is no transistor technology that can come even close to tube warmth and performance.

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