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Hi-Fi tube amplifiers for digital devices

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Dale Davies |
Smartphones tube amplifiersDigital devices are not something a true audiophile would consider as a great, or even good, audio source. Considering how poorly encoding can be that's true, but there are amplifiers that can rise the digital audio to a higher level.

Now, to compare amplifiers for smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players with high-end audio equipment is simply impossible. First, music comes to those devices from a range of sources and you never know how it is encoded and there is no device that can convert a poorly made digital file into a beautiful audio event. Second, we had a hard time searching for decent amplifiers with tubes (noname devices we won't even mention). However, we have found a few interesting devices that can make bring your digital sound a step closer to real Hi-Fi.

Samsung DA-E750Samsung DA-E750 audio dock is wireless audio system with dual docking capability. It features a vacuum tube preamp stage which contributes to a warm, deep, and natural sound. It delivers 100 watts of power, so you can expect a room filled with sound, good bass, and nicely defined highs. You can stream your music from any enabled smartphone, computer, tablet and MP3 player using AllShare or Bluetooth 3.0. The woven glass fiber speakers and the woofer bring improved depth and clarity. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Galaxy devices.

Bluetooth Sound EnhancingThe Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier available at The Hammacher Schlemmer is a very interesting device. This is a hybrid vacuum tube amplifier you can connect with any Bluetooth music device. The two 6N3 tubes generate 20 RMS watts per channel, more than enough for an average listening room, and audio can be played wirelessly from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android phone. A switch enables selection between a Bluetooth audio source, 1/8" stereo audio input, or a pair of RCA inputs. Four binding posts are there for 4-8 Ohm speakers.

Taga Harmony HTA-700BHTA-700B by Taga Harmony is a s hybrid amplifier with Bluetooth and aptX sound enhancing technology. Thanks to its hybrid design with two 6N2 vacuum tubes it provides richness of sound synonymous with pure valve amplification. It has bBuilt-in high quality Digital-to-Analog Converter allows connecting your digital source through the USB terminal. Using built-in preamplifier output allows an additional power amplifier to be hooked up to your system and a headphone output is perfect choice for those who prefer discrete listening.

Auna DT-307BThe Auna DT-307B is a tube amplifier with built-in Bluetooth interface. It uses two 6N1 tubes and a CD player and AUX sources such as mobile phones, music players or computers can be connected via the RCA input jacks. The built-in Bluetooth allows wireless music streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. It delivers 2 x 25 watts of RMS output, it is nicely designed with two towering tubes and a metal body, and speaker terminals are equipped with gold-plated contacts.

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