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Goldmund Telos 5000

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Dale Davies ▼ | April 22, 2010
Goldmund Telos 5000After three years of development, Goldmund created Telos 5000: it delivers 5000 Watts, weights 250 kg per piece, and brings the sound from heaven.

Goldmund was founded in 1978 and has ever since been dedicated to the accurate reproduction of sound and image. The guiding principle at Goldmund is to produce a precise sound with the least possible loss of quality through the different stages.

Goldmund Telos 5000One of the most interesting facts it that Goldmund will never adopt a technology before it is sufficiently developed to satisfy the quality standards the company set. In that sense Goldmund is not the company for early adopters. However, Goldmund has been first introducing technologies such as home music distribution, DVI output, mechanical grounding and several more.

Delivering 5000 Watts rms with the lowest distortion figure ever measured, the Goldmund Telos 5000, the development laboratory of Goldmund for the last three years, is the best and most spectacular Power Amplifier ever made by Goldmund.

Developed out of the schematics of the Telos amplifier, the new Telos 5000 extreme specifications required the Goldmund Development team to create a few completely new circuits, some of them using technologies never used before in Audio Amplifiers.

Goldmund Telos 5000The Telos 5000 new circuitry includes a revolutionary full protection circuit for the amplifier itself and its associated speaker, a necessary precaution for the power capability and the incredible speed of the new amplifier, capable of delivering more than 200amps in a few nanoseconds. The Alize 7 built in the Telos 5000 improves over any pre-existing designs in its ability to recreate 3D space by lowering the noise level to levels barely measurable.

The input circuit is also completely new, using four Class A modules of a completely new topology. The output circuit uses 72 new Power Mosfets which are especially calibrated for the Telos 5000 and a cascade/bridged circuit of a new type to increase the amplifier's speed above anything ever achieved even in the other Goldmund Telos amplifiers.

The Telos 5000 is housed in a 94 cm high tower of 47 x 39 cm section with two sides fully used for the cooling heat sinks. It weights more than 250 kg per piece.

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