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Gato Audio grand floorstanding loudspeaker FM-50 offers unparalleled coherency

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Dale Davies ▼ | September 21, 2018
Two 6” optimised dedicated bass drivers and a total volume of 50 liters are the basis of the superb performance of Gato Audio grand floorstanding loudspeaker FM-50. That's 8,000 euros well spent.
Gato Audio FM-50
Loudspeakers   The FM-50 will impress you in all disciplines
Gato Audio FM-50The FM-50 will impress you in all disciplines; it has a super tight bass response, a smooth detailed and dynamic midrange together with a crisp clear resonance free treble. Best of all; it offers unparalleled coherency and soundstage projection precision. It can reproduce any instrument in a lifelike and dynamic way, but also transport the listener to the emotion, acoustic environment and energy of the venue where the music was recorded.

Gato Audio FM-50Gato Audio develops and adapt each driver for their own specific purpose in every individual speaker model, combining their own team’s wealth of experience together with some of the leading transducer engineers in Denmark. With their approach of developing and adapting the driver to our desired performance and design needs, Gato Audio benefits from not having to compromize our sonic and visual performance and can simply deliver a better sounding product.

Gato Audio FM-50The multilayer construction of the Gato Audio FusedMASS cabinet ensures extremely high internal damping, a minimum of resonances and providing extra strength and material stability. By laminating different materials in different thicknesses and adding a special glue, Gato Audio intelligently removed the resonance problem that otherwise normally have been approached by just adding more and more material. The FusedMASS cabinet is a sandwich made from a thick layer of MDF board with a medium resonance frequency, a thin layer of soft and heavy bitumen with ultra-low resonance frequency and finally a medium layer of HDF board with a high resonance frequency.

Gato Audio FM-50With their PurePHASE crossover designs Gato Audio focuses on three major technical aspects that seamlessly combines our state-of-the-art transducer designs into a truly outstanding loudspeaker system. Beside the usual job of a crossover - dividing the correct frequencies for each individual driver – the PurePHASE system also provides exact acoustic phase control, low linear group delay and wide linear dispersion too. This crossover technology was developed in house specifically for our FM loudspeaker range.