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For $20,000, give or take, fantastic Linn Klimax LP12 can be yours

Dale Davies ▼ | July 27, 2018
Linn's flagship Klimax LP12 turntable offers the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction, setting the benchmark worldwide for all other turntables on the market.
Linn Klimax LP12
Turntable   Over 40 years' worth of research and development has gone into this
Linn Klimax LP12Over 40 years' worth of research and development has gone into this latest evolution of the turntable that turned the hi-fi industry on its head back at the beginning of Linn's journey to make better sound. Each precision-engineered upgrade has uncovered more music from the depths of the record groove. It includes the best of Linn's precision-engineered upgrades, and because it's modular, you can update it whenever we release a new upgrade. A Klimax LP12 is an investment that will amaze and reward you for years to come.

Linn Klimax LP12Made from high quality aluminium, the Trampolin base board is the best performance choice and can be fixed directly to the wooden plinth of your turntable. Its expertly-designed suspended feet provide any Sondek LP12 turntable with additional isolation from vibration, using acoustic dampening material to minimise interference for improved audio performance. You can build up your own custom-spec deck using this base board as a foundation, or upgrade your existing Sondek LP12 even if it’s an original from 1973!

Linn Klimax LP12Machined from a solid piece of aluminium, Keel provides extremely rigid support to the tonearm and platter. Linn eliminated screws, fixings and joins between each component so that virtually all vibration is removed, providing you with a more faithful reproduction of your music collection. The Keel has been engineered to maintain the same mass and centre of gravity as achieved with a separate sub-chassis, armboard and collar.

Linn Klimax LP12Radikal is the highest performance motor control and power supply available and comes complete with a brushed DC motor that replaces the standard LP12 AC motor. To ensure perfect timing, Radikal’s speed management system auto-calibrates the motor every time the Sondek LP12 is powered on. With radically reduced electromagnetic noise levels, the precious-metal brushed DC motor delivers a huge improvement in signal-to-noise ratio, getting you even closer to the music.