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Emotiva power amplifier XPR-1

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Dale Davies |
Emotiva XPR-1XPR-1, mono-block reference power amplifier by Emotiva, is an impressive piece of audio equipment: almost 50 kg (100 pounds) packed with high-end electronics and hundreds of hours of engineers' works delivers true Hi-Fi sound.

You can never have too much power, they say at Emotiva and stick to that: With one thousand watts of power into 8 ohms and nearly two thousand watts into 4 ohms, the XPR-1 reaches new levels of realism and unlocks the true potential of high-resolution audio sources.

Emotiva XPR-1The XPR-1 Reference Series fully balanced mono-block power amplifier resets the bar when it comes to audiophile mono-block amplification. In terms of sonic refinement, the XPR-1's fully balanced Differential Reference design topology delivers pinpoint imaging and immersive detail together with a relaxed sense of authority. Only a carefully executed balanced design topology, backed by massive power reserves can convey this sense of realism and dynamics.

The XPR-1 represents the end game in audiophile amplification, and it is fully capable of driving the most difficult loudspeakers to their full potential. Like all Reference Series components, the XPR-1's are striking in appearance. They will become the focal point of your system.

Emotiva XPR-1Massive gold-plated input and output connectors are on hand to ensure maximum signal fidelity and lossless power transmission. Inside, a huge 2.5kVA toroidal transformer—itself weighing over 30 lbs.—along with a massive low ESR capacitor bank powers a fully balanced, audiophile caliber Optimized Class H power amplifier crafted from premium components, including precision metal film resistors, film capacitors, multilayer glass epoxy PCB's.

Emotiva XPR-1XPR-1 features variable intensity accent lighting and user-selectable stealth illumination mode, LED bar graph metering system with selectable ballistics, and VU and Peak reading with auto release. Metering can be oriented for left reading, right reading, or vertical. Channel status LED's indicate high temperature and fault conditions. Advanced operating feature are under the control of a powerful ARM microprocessor.

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