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Dynaudio Confidence 50 loudspeakers are all about confidence

Dale Davies ▼ | March 29, 2019
The all-new Dynaudio Confidence 50 it's a three-way design with twin woofers and twin midrange drivers.
Dynaudio Confidence 50
Audio   It's stunningly constructed. Stunningly finished. And a stunning performer
Dynaudio Confidence 50It's stunningly constructed. Stunningly finished. And a stunning performer. It uses DDC (Dynaudio Directivity Control) technology to form a sound beam that avoids reflections from floors and ceilings. And it features an Esotar tweeter and MSP woofers. You might notice that while the previous Confidence floor-standers used two tweeters, the new Confidence 50 has just one. That's because the engineers toiling away in Dynaudio Labs have discovered new ways to optimise crossovers, waveguides and baffles to create a much simpler, better-performing version of the DDC platform.

Dynaudio Confidence 50It all centres on the new DDC Lens, the stunning precision-machined waveguide around the brand-new Esotar3 tweeter. The DDC Lens has been simulated and topology-optimised to vertically focus the tweeter, midrange drivers and woofers on the listening position. That results in dramatically reduced reflections from floors and ceilings which means you hear exactly what the driver system, and not the room, is doing. The new 28mm Esotar3 soft-dome tweeter takes over 40 years of Dynaudio expertise, plus plenty of new learnings from the Esotar Forty unit.

Dynaudio Confidence 50The new 18cm NeoTec MSP woofers have neodymium magnets under the hood, and use glass-fibre in their voice-coil formers for optimum stiffness. The voice-coils themselves are copper which provides extra moving mass for tighter, more powerful and more controlled bass in this specific driver design. And the entire woofer motor has been designed to harness airflow using an innovative new venting system that's been machined directly into the magnet.

Dynaudio Confidence 50The Confidence 50's brand-new MSP midrange drivers are a big departure from previous Dynaudio designs. They use a radical surround design, the Horizon, that follows the cone's shape right to the edge of the driver. This reduces the surround's first resonant mode to effectively increase the whole playing surface area and improve performance. They also sit flush with the baffle to reduce diffractions from the diaphragm and the adjacent tweeter. Down below is the bass port. You won't see it; it sits under the speaker.