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BlackBerry is still alive...

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Dale Davies |
BlackBerry Key2
Old times   Another bunch of money spent in vain...

BlackBerry is trying to bring back old days but we all know what is the outcome of such desperate moves. Another bunch of money spent in vain, another device that reminds us of "good old days"...

BlackBerry Key2Like the KeyOne, the Key2 is an Android phone but with a touch of BlackBerry. And it has a physical keyboard. So... Blackberry said the keys are 20% bigger and better than on the KeyOne which sounds good but they are still small. Well, thanks to the phone size they can't be bigger. And they say the keyboard is better because the keys are now less slippery and a lot grippier and you can type faster. If you are among that 1 percent of people who still use a BlackBerry phone.

BlackBerry Key2There’s also a new button on the keyboard, which BlackBerry is dubbing the speed key. Press a combination of this and a letter key and you can easily jump between apps. For instance, if you set the ‘S’ key to open Spotify then pressing the speed key following by ‘S’ will open the app. You can set a different shortcut to each key, so if you frequent Maps, Instagram, Twitter and Gmail you can jump between all these without going back to the homescreen.

BlackBerry Key2There’s a fingerprint sensor inside the home button; the whole thing acts as a touch-sensitive trackpad and it feels very clicky. Along with the updated keyboard, BlackBerry has updated the overall phone design too. It’s slimmer, lighter and just feels a lot more modern than the slightly bulky KeyOne. It’s less rounded too, with a straighter and sharper look. There are a 4.5-inch LCD screen, a duo of 12-megapixel cameras on the back and an 8MP one on the front.

BlackBerry Key2Going deeper inside, you can find a Snapdragon 660 mid-range mobile chip paired with 6GB RAM. You’ll also be able to pick between 64 or 128GB storage and either a single or dual-sim option. And it has it usual bunch of security features. What to say? If BlackBerry could go back in time and unveil this phone years ago that would be great. But those times are long gone, Berlin Wall doesn't exist, Cold War is over, Ice Ice Baby is not Top1 anymore... BlackBerry is still here...

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