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Western U.S. states to roll out electric highway initiative

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Staff Writer | October 4, 2017
A handful of governors from western U.S. states roll out plans Wednesday to expand access for electric vehicles along their highways.
electric highway
America   A bipartisan, collaborative project
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will host governors from western states to unveil plans his office said would add a layer of confidence for those traveling across the region in alternative vehicles.

"This bipartisan, collaborative project involves six additional governors and will affect more than 5,000 miles of highway," his office said in an emailed statement.

More than 90 percent of all transportation-related energy consumption in the United States comes from petroleum-based products, with electric vehicles accounting only for a small fraction of total consumer use.

A report from The University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute said the sale of plug-in electric vehicles, battery-powered vehicles and hybrids have each increased by more than 700 percent since 2011.

Two million electric vehicles were on the road globally last year, with most of those in the U.S., European and Chinese markets.