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War on climate: Trump to cut EPA funding by up to 70%

Staff Writer | March 3, 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump will oversee a massive overhaul of the Environmental Protection Agency's funding, with the total budget for the regulatory body to be cut by 25%, and a key climate protection programme to lose 70% of its funding.
EPA climate
New president   Budget proposal for 2018
The White House has proposed the budget cuts for the EPA in order to reverse the Obama administration's push towards climate change regulation, but the President has promised that the funding cuts would not damage the air and water quality in the U.S.

According to Reuters, the EPA's annual budget will be slashed to $6.1bn, including 12,400 staff, when Trump presents his budget proposal for 2018.

The cuts will have to be approved by Congress however, such is its control over administration spending. Trump's proposal will nevertheless be the first blow in a lengthy battle to push through widespread budget reductions in order to finance a huge increase in military spending.

EPA programmes which focus on lead cleanup and grants to aid Native American tribes will face heavy reductions, with the programme to battle greenhouse gas emissions facing the biggest reduction of 70% to $29m.

The EPA has played a crucial role in curbing the actions of companies who have overstepped the mark in relation to their emissions output.