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U.S. and Israeli energy ministers sign new energy agreement

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Staff writer ▼ | April 5, 2016
The Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources, Yuval Steinitz, and the U.S. Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, signed an amendment to an existing agreement that will further enhance cooperation between the two countries.
Steinitz Moniz
Energy deal   Yuval Steinitz and Ernest Moniz
“Today, our nations further solidified our ongoing cooperation,” said U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

“The U.S. and Israel will continue to foster research and development, drive down the costs of clean energy technologies and encourage collaboration between our nations' top energy scientists.”

“I am certain that cooperation in the energy sector will expand in the years to come,” Minister Steinitz said.

“I thank Secretary Moniz for the friendship and cooperation. The United States is Israel’s greatest friend, and we appreciate this friendship.”

The agreement expands cooperative efforts between the parties for exploration, production, and distribution technologies for fossil and alternative fuels; research and development for natural gas, transmission, distribution, and smart grid technologies; water desalination and treatment facilities; and physical and cyber protection of energy and water infrastructure.

The agreement also recognizes the importance of developing advanced energy and water technologies to secure water and power supplies while protecting the environment and increasing energy efficiency within the two countries.