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Ukraine preparing formal pullout of CIS

Staff Writer | April 13, 2018
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has proposed preparing proposals together with the Ukrainian government on the official termination of Ukraine's membership in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) activities.
Petro Poroshenko
Trade bloc   Commonwealth of Independent States
"Considering that Ukraine has never been and is not a CIS member now, and that the CIS refused to condemn Russia's aggression, I would propose that we, together with the government, prepare proposals regarding the official termination of our participation in the CIS charter bodies as well as the definitive closure of Ukraine's mission in the relevant institutions in Minsk," Poroshenko said at the 11th Kyiv Security Forum.

Poroshenko also called for inventorying the entire set of agreements and regulations concerning Ukraine's participation in the CIS activities for their compliance with Ukraine's national interests.

Poroshenko also urged Ukraine's foreign partners to review their agreements with Russia concerning "sensitive areas of cooperation."