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UK government to cut back climate change regulations to boost trade post-Brexit

Staff Writer | April 11, 2017
Climate change regulations in the UK are set to be cut back by the government in order to provide a boost for trade when the region leaves the European Union, leaked civil service documents showed.
Tim Hitchens
Exit   Trade and growth are now priorities
Tim Hitchens, the director general of economic and consular affairs at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is set to say in a speech next month that the UK must adjust its environmental laws to help with potential trade losses due to Brexit. A copy of Hitchens' speech was seen by The Sunday Times.

Hitchens will deliver the speech at the Prosperity UK event on 26 April.

"You have a crucial role to play in posts in implementing our new approach to prosperity against the huge changes stemming from last year's Brexit vote," Hitchens will tell attendees of the event.

The civil servant will add that the priority for the UK in the near future must be the maintenance of strong trade links.

"Trade and growth are now priorities for all posts - you will all need to prioritise developing capability in this area. Some economic security-related work like climate change and illegal wildlife trade will be scaled down."

International trade is one of the key aspects that will be discussed during the ongoing Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU. Theresa May has already conceded that Britain will no longer remain part of the EU single market when it departs from the bloc.