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Turkey should be in EU, says former UK premier

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 4, 2020
Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he has always supported Turkey's membership of the European Union.
Gordon Brown
Prime Minister   Gordon Brown
Brown was Britain's prime minister from 2007-2010, and he is among more than 100 people who have led their countries or international organizations who are presenting a petition to G20 leaders.

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It calls on the G20 to hold a second meeting to discuss measures to advance the G20 Action Plan's implementation, including debt relief for 76 nations.

Brown was speaking at a video news conference organized by the Geneva UN correspondents' association, ACANU.

Responding to a question about EU and Turkey, the former British premier voiced his support for Ankara's membership bid.

"We always have in Britain supported membership by Turkey of the European Union. I believe that Turkey would be best placed if it was a member of the European Union.

"But as you know, Turkey has got to meet conditions to join the European Union as well," Brown added.

He said that these were economic and political conditions to be eligible to join the EU.

The former Labour Party UK prime minister said he hopes Turkey will play a constructive role in the future in both the politics of the region and the politics of the wider Mediterranean, including its relationships with Europe.

He thanked Turkey for sending medical supplies to the United Kingdom amid the coronavirus pandemic.