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Trump: Germany too weak to cancel Russian Nord Stream 2

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 8, 2020
US President Donald Trump Monday said he would support Germany pulling out of a pipeline project with Russia over the alleged poisoning of a critic of Moscow, but claimed Berlin may be too weakened in terms of energy security to do so.
Nord Stream 2
Trump   Nord Stream 2
Asked about the subject after a US Labor Day press conference, Trump said his administration has long advised NATO member Germany against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal with Russia, adding that Germany is already too dependent on Russian energy.

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''Absolutely,'' Trump said, indicating his support for a potential German withdrawal from the massive energy deal with Russia.

''But I don't think Germany is in a position right now. Because Germany is in a very weakened position energy-wise. They are closing all their plants, they are closing their nuclear, they are closing their coal, they are closing a lot of plants. And they have put themselves in a very bad position, frankly, very very bad position,'' Trump said.