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Trump budget to cut $800 billion from Medicaid

Staff Writer | May 22, 2017
President Donald Trump plans to request $1.7 trillion in cuts to social and entitlement programs for lower-income Americans, including an $800 billion cut in Medicaid, U.S. government officials said.
Health in America   Despite promising not to cut Social Security
Trump's request, which is expected to officially be unveiled on Tuesday, is part of an effort to balance the budget within a decade.

Bloomberg News, citing a Republican congressional aide and a White House document outlining the budget, reported the Trump request includes $274 billion in cuts over 10 years to means-tested anti-poverty programs, such as food stamps.

The Trump administration prepared talking points for congressional Republicans, stating the "budget strives to replace dependency with the dignity of work through welfare reform efforts."

Trump's request assumes the Republican bill to replace former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law becomes a law itself, CNN reported.

Despite promising not to cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid as a presidential candidate, Trump has already supported cutting Medicaid by sponsoring the GOP's American Health Care Act, which passed the House on May 4.

The $193 billion cut, or 25 percent cut, to the food stamps program, called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, would be achieved by limiting eligibility for food stamps and by requiring those enrolled in the program to work, the White House document shows.

Some suggested Trump's proposed cuts could bring about much-needed changes to the related programs.