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Three polls: Britons have very mixed opinions about Brexit

Staff writer ▼ | February 25, 2016
A majority of Britons wanted to remain in the European Union but to a certain extent that depended on whom you asked, the results of three opinion polls found.
United Kingdom   The results of three opinion polls
The very mixed results came after one pollster modified the methodology it used, in an attempt to avoid the large forecast errors committed in the last elections, while the most detailed survey also revealed a much larger degree of unease with the EU's powers.

According to a ComRes poll for the Daily Mail, 51% of those canvassed said they wanted to remain in the EU, while 39% said they would vote to "leave".

ComRes said the Prime Minister's efforts to clinch a deal with Brussels had in fact dented the "in" camp.

In parallel, a poll carried out by YouGov for The Times newspaper found the race between both camps ahead of the 23 June plebiscite was a dead heat, with those saying they wanted to 'remain' at 37% versus 36% saying they wanted "out".

However, the first of those polls was conducted over the telephone and the latter online.

YouGov's poll was also the first to incorporate a new statistical method that assigned a greater weight to those who said they paid 'little attention' to politics.

That change was put in place because in the last election polls were thought to have put too much emphasis on the opinions of those who were 'highly engaged' in politics.