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Spain to Catalan: No independence

Staff writer ▼ | September 30, 2014
The government of Mariano Rajoy approved measures aimed at preventing an independence referendum scheduled to be held in the Catalan region on November 9.
Decision   Mariano Rajoy wants Spain in once piece
The government will appeal to the Spanish Constitutional Court in an attempt to have the referendum declared illegal.

The decree giving the go-ahead for the referendum was signed by Catalan leader Artur Mas on Saturday, following a referendum law being approved by 79 percent of the vote in the Catalan regional parliament a week earlier.

Rajoy's special cabinet meeting took place a day after the Spanish State Council unanimously voted to support the government should it decide to appeal against both the Catalan referendum and the referendum law to the Constitutional Court.

"We always said that this referendum was not going to be held because it goes against the Constitution," said Rajoy.

"It is openly against our constitution, because the decision rests with the whole of the Spanish people and because one part cannot take a decision which affects all of us," he added.

Rajoy said the referendum "went against the law, divided the Catalans and took them away from Spain and Europe."

State lawyers will now begin to prepare the case of the Spanish government.

At the same time, preparations are continuing in the Catalan region to hold the referendum with the launch of an information campaign over the vote.