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Spain and Italy to develop strong position within European Union

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Staff writer ▼ | November 11, 2014
The Ministers of Agriculture of Italy and Spain, Maurizio Martina and Isabel Garcia Tejerina, will develop a "strong bilateral position".
Isabel Garcia Tejerina
Together we are stronger   A strong bilateral position
They want to prevent the European Commission from having to resort to the crisis reserve due to the Russian veto and to demand a simplification of the CAP.

Speaking to the media, Martina has highlighted the high degree of understanding between both countries, which will together ask the new Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, to introduce effective crisis management instruments to protect agricultural companies from problems such as those caused by the Russian veto.

Martina criticised the lack of mechanisms of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and argued that the EC should "reconsider" its decision to resort to the crisis reserve of the agricultural budget.

He also stressed the desirability of simplifying the CAP, because there is "too much bureaucracy" and the challenge for the European Union (EU) to ensure a generational change.

The Italian Minister has supported the partnership between his country, Spain and France in the coming months to reach agreements aimed at promoting Mediterranean agriculture, which is very much linked to food quality, Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs), and Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs).

He highlighted that the next World Expo Milan 2015, which will focus on food, will be "a formidable platform" to promote what both countries have to offer. He said that more than 5 million tickets have already been sold outside the European Union, including 1 million in China.