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Saudi Arabia thinking about 40 working hours a week, 2 days weekend

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Staff Writer | November 6, 2017
Saudi Arabian Labor Ministry has made an announcement that they would analyse the situation to determine the possibility and viability of commencing a 2 day weekend and a 40-hours work week for the professionals in private sector.
Saudi Arabia workers
Jobs   To reduce the stress
The ministry tweeted that it would look into the input of the owners of the businesses and will also study the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of the measure.

Several have suggested that the private companies would accept the 2-day weekend only if the Labor Ministry withdraws the decision to impose work permit levy and continue the week of 48 hours.

Most of the Saudis were employed in the public sector, enjoying a 40 hour week, health benefits and huge pensions. Majority of the private sector jobs in the country are held by a 10 million strong expat workforce.

In order to reduce the stress on public sector and eventually cut down the number of foreign work force, the government is planning to bring about a proposal aimed at attracting more Saudi nationals into private sector.