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Rwanda moves to double exports to Egypt

Staff writer ▼ | May 15, 2015
Rwanda's exports to Egypt could increase as the two countries move to renew efforts and commitment to boost trade relations.
Rwanda fruit
Friends   Horticulture products on the rise in Africa
This follows a meeting between Francois Kanimba, the Minister for Trade and Industry and Negm Namira, the Egyptian High Commissioner to Rwanda in Kigali.

The two discussed ways to strengthen and foster trade relationships and investments between Rwanda and Egypt. The exports whose volume is expected to increase include pineapples, sweet bananas, tea, coffee and other horticulture products.

Statistics from the Ministry of Trade and Industry indicate that Rwanda earns about $30 million in exports to Egypt annually while Egypt earns a staggering $64 millon from exports to Rwanda.

However, the tide is expected to change in favour of Rwanda after a pledge by Egypt to open up more markets for made in Rwanda products, Kanimba noted.

"We are currently talking of opening more markets and business opportunities for Rwanda while scaling up Egyptian investments in the country. And ultimately looking at how to foster Rwandan exports to Egypt especially the sub tropics horticulture products, because that's what we lack," Namira told The New Times.