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Russia to lift sanctions from some Ukrainian companies

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 16, 2020
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has proposed lifting sanctions imposed againats several Ukrainian companies. His initiative was supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported RIA Novosti.
Mikhail Mishustin
Russia   Mikhail Mishustin
It is expected that the restrictions will be removed from three companies Bratslav (produces milking machines), Rubezhansky cardboard plant (produces corrugated cardboard) and Barsky machine building plant (produces central heating boilers).

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Putin noted that it was not Moscow that "imposed restrictions" and Russia is ready to "restore full-scale cooperation" with Kyiv.

"We did not impose these restrictions, all actions on our part are only reciprocal... The level and depth of cooperation between our enterprises was very high... Let us assume that this is the first step and a gesture of goodwill on our part... I agree," the Russian President stressed.

Mishustin expressed hope that the Ukrainian authorities will respond appropriately to the initiative of the Russian Federation.