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Rajoy: We need broad government or we are risking future of Spain

Staff writer ▼ | February 26, 2016
The acting President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, defended the formation of a stable majority government and said this is the model adopted in 15 EU countries of the European Union and its institutions.
Mariano Rajoy
Spain   In an interview on the El Cascabel programme on 13TV
In an interview on the El Cascabel programme on 13TV,​ Mariano Rajoy defended the economic reforms undertaken during the last legislature because they have enabled Spain to grow by 3.2% and jobs to be created, among other things.

In his opinion, that policy needs to be maintained because "we cannot throw away the results of hard work, effort and sacrifice by many Spaniards" and because changing it would be an "absurdity of colossal proportions".

In this regard, he explained that "those policies" gave rise "to a change in the economy that nobody expected"; something that "everyone in Europe now looks at with admiration". However, Mariano Rajoy repeated that "we must persevere with those policies and act with common sense" because "there is still a great deal of work to be done".

Rajoy said that "the important thing is for there to be a government with a programme" and for that programme to be "reasonable", and, "naturally, as far as economic policy is concerned, we are risking the future of Spain", he remarked.

Mariano Rajoy said that a government with widespread support would send a message "of enormous strength" to "the economic and social stakeholders both within and beyond the borders of Spain".

He stressed that this hypothetical government would have 252 seats in the Lower House of Parliament and an absolute majority in the Upper House of Parliament, meaning that "reforms could be approved by consensus and, being supported by 252 seats, they would be reforms that would last for many years".

Rajoy said that this is "the same model as in Germany, as in Austria, as in 15 countries of the European Union, I repeat 15, as well as the system adopted by the EU institutions themselves".