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Putin urges Russians to vote for security, prosperity

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 1, 2020
President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday urged Russians to take part in a nationwide vote on constitutional reforms to ensure “stability, security and prosperity”.
Vladimir Putin
President   Vladimir Putin
In a televised address Putin said Russians should vote for the country “we want to pass on to our children” but made no mention of a controversial amendment that would allow him to potentially stay in power until 2036.

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Russians began voting last week on the package of constitutional changes proposed by Putin earlier this year, including a reset of presidential term limits that would allow him to run twice again after his current six-year term ends in 2024.

Other amendments would strengthen presidential and parliamentary powers, enshrine traditional values including an effective ban on gay marriage and guarantee better minimum wages and pensions.

“We are voting for the country in which we want to live, with modern education and health care, with reliable social protection of citizens, with an effective government that is accountable to society,” Putin said.

“We are voting for the country… we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren.”

Parliament has already approved the amendments but Putin reiterated they would only take effect if supported by a majority of voters.

“We can ensure stability, security, prosperity and a decent life only through development, only together and by ourselves,” he said.